Changes in Office Staff

In February 2023 Lindani was promoted to a new position in the Centre for Academic Technologies (CAT) at UJ and left TAU. In his place we appointed Charney Akala and Melanie Alexander, both based at UJ.

In August 2023 Hellen was appointed as a lecturer in the Department of Education and Curriculum Studies at UJ. Her new department has approved her working for one day a week for TAU. A big congratulations from us all on her appointment and we wish her well in her new post. We are very happy to continue working with her in TAU.

In September 2023 Melanie will be leaving TAU to take up a promotion post in another department. We thank her for the time she was able to work with us and wish her all the best in her new job.

We will be making some additional appointments to pick up the work from Hellen and Melanie.