Welcome to TAU 2022

A letter from the TAU Convener, Dr Kibbie Naidoo

It gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone to TAU 2022. On behalf of the TAU Operations Committee (OpsCom), I wish you and your loved ones a year of good health and happiness. At the end of 2021, Elizabeth de Kadt and Mandy Hlengwa resigned from OpsCom. We want to thank them both for their invaluable contributions to TAU and wish them both well. Their resignations left two vacancies on OpsCom. We are delighted to introduce the new OpsCom members, Prof Bassey Antia from the University of Western Cape and Prof Hanlie Dippenaar from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, who joined us at the beginning of this year. Welcome, Bassey and Hanlie.

We look forward to working with you and thank you for your willingness to serve on OpsCom. Both Bassey and Hanlie are TAU alumni, and their experiences as TAU participants will be very useful in helping us grow TAU.

This year for the first time in the history of TAU, we will be working with two TAU cohorts. We look forward to an exciting and challenging year as we continue our engagement with TAU 3 participants and welcome TAU 4 participants in July.

TAU 3 draws to a close in Kwazulu Natal

The TAU 3 programme, the third in the series of programmes that began in 2015, will draw to a close at Session 3 to be held at the Karridene Hotel in Kwazulu Natal in June 2022. The participants will meet to share their achievements across the 12 months of the programme that began online in the middle of COVID in July 2021. The session will include a virtual exhibition of the collaborative Digital Artefacts each enquiry group has produced as well as a mini-conference on the final day where each participant will present the outcome of their project. A film crew from UKZN will help ensure that the small group of online participants are fully engaged in the programme.

TAU 4 prepares to kick off in Gauteng

The TAU 4 programme consisting of 53 participants from all 26 SA public higher education institutions, will be meeting for the first contact session at the Birchwood in Gauteng in July 2022. This will be the third TAU contact session we have organised since the start of COVID, and we have learnt a lot. We will adopt a flexible hybrid model using a film crew from Wits to ensure that the small number of online participants are fully integrated into the programme. 10 Advisors will support participants and a TAU team of 8.

We have used the two months leading up to Session 1 to assist each participant in developing a TAU project proposal at their institution that will achieve the objectives of TAU, namely to improve teaching and learning while at the same time addressing social justice challenges facing the SA higher education systems.

Jeff Jawitz

TAU 3 Session 2 Gallery

For more information about the origins of TAU , see the following publications:

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