Welcome to TAU 2022

A letter from the TAU Convener Dr Kibbie Naidoo

It gives me great pleasure to welcome everyone to TAU 2022. On behalf of TAU Operations Committee (OpsCom) I wish you and your loved ones a year of good health and happiness. At the end of 2021 Elizabeth de Kadt and Mandy Hlengwa resigned from OpsCom. We want to thank them both for their invaluable contributions to TAU and wish them both well. Their resignations left two vacancies on OpsCom and we are delighted to introduce the new OpsCom members, Prof Bassey Antia from the University of Western Cape and Prof Hanlie Dippenaar from Cape Peninsula University of Technology who joined us at the beginning of this year. Welcome Bassey and Hanlie. We look forward to working with you and thank you for your willingness to serve on OpsCom. Both Bassey and Hanlie are TAU alumni and their experiences as TAU participants will be very useful in helping us grow TAU.

This year for the first time in the history of TAU we will be working with two TAU cohorts. We are looking forward to an exciting and challenging year as we continue our engagement with TAU 3 participants and welcome TAU 4 participants in July.

2022 – continuing with TAU 3 and preparing for TAU 4

After a very successful TAU 3 Session 1 online during July 2021, we are about to embark on a face to face TAU 3 session 2 at Lagoon Beach Hotel in Cape Town. We have done a lot of preparation and thinking about how to work in contact mode in the middle of the COVID pandemic and we are planning an environment that participants and team members will feel safe in.

It is an exciting time and we look forward to having contact again with our colleagues from across the country on TAU. A small number of participants will be joining us online and we plan to make their experience as rich as those of their colleagues meeting face to face.

As soon as Session 2 is over we will begin planning the final Session 3 for June 2022 to take place in Kwazulu Natal.  (Watch this space). While TAU 3 is in progress we have been busy preparing for TAU 4 which begins in July 2022, only 6 months away. We have processed all the nominations and selected over 50 participants from across the 26 public higher education institutions.  We will soon be working with them on preparing their TAU project proposals.

It will be a busy and challenging year for TAU. We have not had one cohort end and another start so close to each other in the past.

Jeff Jawitz

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