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The TAU Fellowships Programme seeks to build a cadre of teaching fellows in a wide range of disciplines over a 19-month programme, involving block week contact sessions, individual projects in own teaching and learning settings, group projects and reflective reports; participants are drawn from all South African universities.

The second cycle of TAU (2018-2019) concluded with the submission of the participant individual project and reflective reports at the end of July 2019. All participants successfully completed the requirements for achieving TAU Fellow status and we congratulate them. They have undertaken to build regional collaboration with other TAU Fellows and find ways to strengthen teaching and student learning in higher education in their region. The TAU executive will be spending all of 2020 planning a revised and strengthened TAU in preparation for the next cycle which is envisaged during 2021.

TAU fellows

TAU Cohort 1 (2015-2016)

TAU fellows

TAU Cohort 2 (2018-2019)

Aims of the TAU Programme

  • To contribute towards the enhancement of teaching and learning in higher education in South Africa by supporting the development of a cadre of academics across institutions and disciplines as scholars, leaders and mentors in their fields
  • To enhance the status and stature of teaching and popularise the understanding of teaching excellence in varied institutional and disciplinary settings
  • To enable TAU participants to develop their capabilities to engage in and insert themselves as change agents, individually and collectively, in building a socially just education.

The TAU project is convened by Ms Kibbie Naidoo and supported by the operations committee including; Prof Elizabeth de Kadt (Project manager), Mrs Hellen Agumba (Project administrator), Dr Rejoice Nsibande, Prof Jeff Jawitz, and Dr Amanda Hlengwa.

Ms Kibbie Naidoo (TAU convener)

Ms Kibbie Naidoo (TAU convenor)

Readings about TAU

For more information, see the following two publications:

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DE KADT, Elizabeth. (2019) Promoting social justice in teaching and learning in higher education through professional development. Teaching in Higher Education. Available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/13562517.2019.1617685